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…this is our aim. Three different hall types leave nothing to be desired.

Your hall – your signature – your home

Every project is as individual as the idea behind it.

With our many years of experience in the industry and comprehensive technical know-how professionally supported by our cooperation partners, we have already been able to satisfy many customers. Convince yourself of the individuality of our halls. There is no limit to creativity. Follow our picture gallery to learn more about our projects.

We will find the right hall for your project

Quality is important to us! Our steel circular halls are of high quality and are optimally protected against the effects of the weather by the Galvalume® coating. In order to be able to respond optimally to certain conditions, you will find various types of halls in our product range which differ from one another in terms of dimensions and usable area.The construction of each hall is achieved by putting together individual, plain steel panels. Due to the uniform profile shape and the precise punching technique, the precision of the individual panels is perfect. The steel circular halls can be extended and dismantled at any time. With the help of suitable accessories you can adapt your steel hall optimally to the respective purpose of use. Your idea, your request – our implementation!

Your company building – your signature. Due to the practical construction method, our steel round halls are often used by our customers as offices. By means of light elements and additional equipment – such as glass entrance portals – you can give your company a very personal touch. There are no limits to the design possibilities, for example floors and an adjacent warehouse can be set up.

The fast-paced trend of the 21st century requires a solution for temporary warehouses. Especially in industrial areas a change of location is commonplace. Our steel round halls can be easily assembled and disassembled and extended at any time thanks to screwed mounting rails. By choosing the right type of hall, an optimal use of space is achieved.

Our steel round halls offer an optimal area for paint shops, car workshops, garages, oldtimer garages or other similar uses. With an eye-catching design you will succeed in creating a strong appearance. The end walls of our steel round halls are available in different colours and can be made of various materials. Put your vehicle in the limelight with a Wavesteel hall!

Accessories such as ventilation elements, domelights and additional thermal insulation make our steel round halls the perfect stable rooms. The halls can be equipped with sectional doors on one or both sides and are also suitable for machine storage. Open steel round halls are a cost-effective option for your hay warehouse. The halls also provide safe shelter for grazing animals.

Due to the Galvalume coating, boathouses are perfectly suited for locations on lakes and especially at the sea. The halls are protected against corrosion and discoloration. The practical construction of the hall creates a projecting area in which boats can be optimally and safely positioned. Wavesteel gives a 25 year guarantee against corrosion.

Our steel round halls adapt individually to your aircraft and also offer optimal protection. Since we offer hall constructions with a width of up to 25m, there is enough space for aircraft with a larger span. Just send us your inquiry and we will find the suitable hall type for you!

Of course, there are no limits to your imagination with our Wavesteel steel circular halls. Perhaps you would like to fulfil a long-awaited dream: Your own fitness centre, your veterinary practice, your restaurant, your studio, your retreat, your home. Whatever you are planning – we will accompany and support you with our experience, our know-how and our enthusiasm for each new project.

Realized projects

Follow our picture gallery and learn more about our steel round halls!

Over the years we have been able to implement many successful, interesting, exciting and unique hall projects. Working together with our customers gives us much pleasure and fun. Take a look at our picture gallery and learn more about our halls.

Learn more about already realized projects by clicking on the following pictures.


Flexible and custom-fit – Wavesteel GmbH offers the right type of hall for your needs.

Since we receive requests that could hardly be more varied we cover our customers’ wishes with three different types of halls. The Q hall system is the most popular because of its extremely simple, uncluttered form. In addition, the circular segment is the most common form for loads. Hall model S is a very space-saving form of hall, which is mainly used when a special height is required for storage. The laterally straight walls are ideal for setting up shelves. Hall model P was developed because it is often desired that the hall shape resembles a classic hall. This hall model is often also suitable for garages and buildings that are set up in residential areas.

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WaveSteel Stahlhallen 67

Hall model Q

The hall model Q is characterised by a statically favourable design for large spans and high snow loads. It has an extremely stable shape and high load capacity.

We will be pleased to send you detailed information on request.

Width: 7m – 25m.
max. height: 7,37m.

Type name
Width Height
Q25.12 7,62 3,86
Q30.14 9,14 4,29
Q33.15 10,06 4,57
Q35.14 10,67 4,27
Q35.17 10,67 5,13
Q40.15 12,17 4,52
Q41.16 12,38 4,84
Q42.17 12,61 5,31
Q45.17 13,72 5,24
Q50.19 15,19 5,93
Q51.17 15,5 5,05
Q55.19 16,83 5,75
Q60.20 18,29 6,13
Q70.24 21,34 7,37

Dimensions are external dimensions in meters.

WaveSteel Stahlhallen 06

Hall model S

This hall model has straight, high side walls for maximum space utilization.
The construction of the hall model is perfectly suited for storage purposes.

We will be pleased to send you detailed information on request.

Width: 5m – 15m.
max.height: 6,07m.

Type name
Width Height
S16.13 4,78 3,94
S20.14 6,3 4,45
S20.16 6,3 4,85
S25.14 7,34 4,3
S25.16 7,34 4,86
S25.18 7,34 5,4
S30.14 9,11 4,39
S30.15 9,11 4,62
S30.16 9,11 4,93
S30.17 9,11 5,33
S35.15 10,62 4,62
S35.17 10,62 5,16
S40.16 12,4 4,97
S40.18 12,4 5,5
S45.17 13,59 5,26
S45.19 13,59 5,79
S50.20 15,29 6,07

Dimensions are external dimensions in meters.

WaveSteel Stahlhallen 26

Hall model P

This hall type impresses with its classic design and can be optimally used in residential areas, for example. The practical gable shape of the hall is perfectly suited for use as a garage.

We will be pleasedto send you detailed information on request.

Width: 5m – 9m.
max. height: 4,83m.

Type name
Width Height
P16.12 5,14 3,61
P20.12 6,14 3,8
P20.16 6,14 4,86
P25.13 7,81 4,1
P25.16 7,81 4,99
P30.15 8,97 4,65
P30.16 8,97 4,83

Dimensions are external dimensions in meters.

We assume no liability for the values (dimensions) stated here. If these are used for authorizations etc. please always request original documents for your hall!


With the help of suitable supplies you can adapt your steel hall individually to the respective purpose of use. Various lighting sources, thermal ventilators, windows, gates and doors harmoniously round off our versatile product range. We will help you to select the appropriate supplies and give you suggestions about the best positioning and optimal alignment.

Skylight elements

Skylight elements allow natural lighting of the hall without direct view. They can also be installed later at any time.

Thermal fans

A patented system enables the removal of warm air without electric drive. The overlapping of the slats prevents the ingress of water when it rains and maintains optimum ventilation.

Sliding gate

The colour of the sliding door can be perfectly matched to your hall. Self-assembly is very easy.

Sectional doors

We offer sectional doors in various colours and equipment.You can choose from three different drive systems for your door (cable pull, reel pull or electric drive). Doors are also available as a kit. The sectional doors can also be installed or even reordered after the hall is completed.

Gates and doors

Wavesteel GmbH will choose together with you the gate that best suits your hall.Sectional doors and sliding doors are standard with us. Roller doors, special constructions, high speed doors or mega doors are available on request. Self-assembly is also very easy with our detailed instructions.

Service doors

Service doors are installed in the front wall of your hall. This can also be done subsequently. For very long halls, the installation of a service door is recommended and sometimes even legally required.

What our customers say

“Thank you very much for the great cooperation – from planning to moving in everything worked out wonderfully and we are now very happy with our new hall!”
“At the planning stage, we didn’t think we would feel so comfortable in the offices – it’s incredible what you can do with the steel halls.”